Due Date

July 31, 2020


Epic Nature

Whether it's a beautiful landscape, a stunning macro shot or a creative video, we love capturing nature with our mobile phones. Show us nature's weird, funny, cute, scary and most beautiful moments and share with our Mojo Community.  (Code: MC012)

Mojo Challenges

Mojo Challenges are all about having fun and sharing your best multimedia content with our Community. No matter what your interests, there’s a Mojo Challenge waiting for you.

How do Mojo Community Challenges work?

Step one

Step one Download the MojoReporter app, sign in, open the menu and select MOJO COMMUNITY

Step two

Step two Tap on the Challenges icon, select a Challenge and tap RESPOND

Step three

Step three Create your Challenge post by adding a Title, Description, attaching your media and uploading

Step four

You’re done! To view your post and more Community content, tap on the Feed icon or sign in to the Mojo Community web dashboard.